Saturday, September 10

Simfoni Semesta Raya

yesterday was the Grand Launching of Kompas TV. starts from 7 pm, live from Jakarta Convention Center.

i watched from, hm Giring nidji sang 'Yang Terlupakan'. i read gita gutawa's tweet via her account @gitagut,

but i was lateeee uhuhuh, i didn't watch her performance :(

i want to, no no i have to watch reruns of this show! today, 1.00 pm, kompas tv

what excites me? Musikal Laskar Pelangi Ensemble's performance, and Gita Gutawa featuring Kanya. their performance were socool :) i've watched it via youtube hehe, uploaded by this account: @OberionPicturesbyNoe

i always enjoy Erwin Gutawa Orchestra and also Magenta Light, they are excites me too. song arrangement by Erwin Gutawa is so amazing. so i must, watch the rerun from the beginning hahaha-___-

i love the folk songs of indonesia, re-arranged by erwin gutawa, sang by musikal laskar pelangi ensemble, coool :)


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  1. hmmm me too,i always enjoy Erwin Gutawa Orchestra and also Magenta Light,so cool :D