Wednesday, January 26

sun shine so bright

this afternoon, when the sun shine so bright, so hot. i walked together with my friends from school. once, Luthfa sang a song. we talked about musics until she said that she would share a link for me. a video about two men playing piano, cover a song titled Fireflies. when i got home and open my Twitter on pc, i watched the video linked by luthfa. oh so cool. amazing!

let me share this here.
Fireflies - covered by Michael Henry and Justin Robinett
and also this one
In my head - covered by Michael Henry and Justin Robinett
watch videos uploaded by justinrobinett's channel too. those all are so cool :)
their voices are so nice :D

i wonder who is the one who playing nintendo wii on those two videos? -__-

Sunday, January 23

Birth Order

Some psychologists believe that birth order, that is, where you are placed in your family, can have an influence on your personality. It is claimed that and awareness of a person's birth order can help us to understand ourselves, our families, our friends, and our position better. Of course, other factors such as co-workers and the environment must also be considered. However, researchers claim that birth order research may offer significant clues as to why peoples tend to be the way they are. It is believed that your genetics in the family influences your patterns of behavior, your ways of thinking, and your emotional responses. Birth order placement can help you to know what to expect of others, what to avoid, and how to get what you want. Knowledge of birth order can thus be of great herlp to parents, teachers, and employers

from Green Light Five student book.

Saturday, January 8

Happy Birthday Hanif!

today is saturday, today is Hanif's birthday! selamat ulang tahun yang ke 12 adek besarku... taun ini jangan kebanyakan makan, jangan nyebelin.

tadi pagi waktu gue dan adek-kakak ngucapin happy birthday ke dia, ayah bilang "who's birthday?" -____- ayah jarang sekali inget ulang tahun siapa pun. mungkin karena; orang madura emang sedikit yang ngerayain ulang tahun; islam juga nggak pernah ngajarin untuk ngerayain ulang tahun, gitu kata ayah. hari ulang tahun gue dan semua orang di rumah gue juga nggak lebih spesial dari hari hari biasa. nggak ada perayaan, kata ayah waktu ayah kecil juga agung mami nggak ngerayain hari ulangtahun anak anaknya. ulang tahun berarti umur lo berkurang satu tahun, sisa hidup lo berkurang satu tahun. dan lo makin tua satu tahun. cie anip tua. tapi gue dan kakak-adek selalu ngucapin happy birthday buat siapa aja yang lagi ulang tahun hehe.

hari ini front-office nec mau nikah! selamat yaa ms.rossi :D


Thursday, January 6

Musikal Laskar Pelangi

An amazing Musical Drama Performances is held from December 17, 2010 to January 9, 2011. Lifted from a novel titled "Laskar Pelangi" by Andrea Hirata, film of the same name directed by riri Riza has also been shown successfully.

This musical drama is directed by Riri Riza. With Erwin Gutawa & Mira Lesmana as Composers, Mira Lesmana as Musical Play, Erwin Gutawa as Music Director, Hartati as Choreographer, Jay Subyakto as Production Designer, and Toto Arto & Mira Lesmana as Producers.

This is held on Taman Ismail Marzuki (Jl. Cikini Raya No.73 Jakarta 10330, Jakarta Selatan). The ticket box is also there. The show time is 7.00 pm everyday, and 2.00 pm on weekends and holidays. I watched it on December 24 and I got these (-_-)

that's a guide book, beside that there is the backside of the used ticket, that's frontside of the used ticket under the book. We also get a stamp of "VVIP","VIP", "Kelas 1", "Kelas 2", or "Kelas 3". I got the "Kelas 1" one.

The players when I watched it are:
Dira Sugandi as Muslimah
Ivant Septiawarman as Ikal
Hilmi Faturrahman as Lintang
Gabriel Stevent Damanik as Mahar
Bastian Bintang S. as Kucai
Louise Ayu Cecilia as Sahara
Denu S.W. Prasetyo as Borek
David Samuel P. as Harun
Chandra Satria as Pak Harfan
Gabriel B. Harvianto as Pak Bakri
Lukman Sardi (guest star) as Ikal Dewasa
Muhammad Bakhesti as Lintang Dewasa
RDP Saraswati as Aling
Tan Kok Siong as the owner of Toko Sinar Harapan
and so much more. dances of them were good :) There is an Orchestra lead by Erwin Gutawa

we are not allowed to bring foods and drinks to the theater, and also cameras or somekind like that. The theater is divided into two parts, those parts separated by 20 minutes break.

for further information, check photos of this account