Saturday, September 17

junior high

it's about my experience of being a junior-high-student this far....

seventh grader...

a seventh grader must adapt their surroundings. especially friends and also seniors. they can choose extracurricular available and learn much. remake the time management of their own. being special to seniors is also important. when you're in a casual chit-chat with them, you can get their experience in your new school. you can learn about your teachers. understand your teachers sometimes good to simplify your task and lessons.

eighth grader...

it's the most simple year of junior high! teachers give you less task than when you're in seventh grade. maybe it's because you're holding position of extracurriculars. yap, extracurricular will be your business in eight grade. but i think ekskul doesn't mind me. it'! we chose our ekskul so we can enjoy what chosen by ourselves.

first semester, you have to learn much about managing your ekskul. you have to prepare yourself for being the next ekskul-holder. and then what you have to do is just wait. wait until your senior hold inauguration.

second semester. you join the inauguration, and do as good as you can. see what position your senior give to you. believe them, it's the best position for you. now, do the best for tasks of your position ;)

eighth grade is the best time for you and your generation. you do ekskul with your friends, you have more time to play and hang out with your friends because your less task. it's the best year!

ninth grader...

i think it's the hardest year of junior-high. and yes it is.

first half year, your teacher is boosting! they boost the lesson, a chapter for each meetings may be. your task is blooming again. because two hour lesson don't enough for the subject, your teacher give homeworks, personal and groups. mini-deadline huh.

first half year, between all academic tasks. you still manage all this ekskul needs. you have to do-do-do much thing of this ekskul. you have prepare your ekskul-member who should replace your position next period. you have to teach them all about managing this ekskul. it's so tiring enough. and then you hold inauguration for them. choose positions for them.

but just enjoy the dayssss. ninth graders can hang out too. hang to your friend's house to do homeworks. after it, you can webcamming, cooking, exploring your friend's childhood photo album, play-laugh-chat-fun! the mini-deadline can be managed. you can learn to be a good time manager. your time management won't be too different.

last semester of your junior high school moment...

several months to go! this year you have to do aaaaaalllll school program. there will be many additional lessons. pendalaman materi reguler, PM khusus; upper and lower, ya that's what i know. that's all for prepare ourselves to the national exam. after final exams, the program focused solely to the national exam.

huaaaahhhh i don't know how it is, all i know is it's HARD. ekskul doesn't mind you at all. you've give the position to your juniors, and then you have no tasks of it... just focus to the lessonssssssss ugh....wish me luck~!

oh yaaaaaa. after all those hardness, all you have to do is nothing but make the last time with your generation the best moment ever. make generation's yearbook as perfect as possible. farewell trip and farewell party. don't mess up your last moment :)



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